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      Highly ventilated and stretchable fabric contours and conforms to body movement. Micro-poly yarns are combined with an ultra-fine gauge knitting process which quickly transports moisture to keep wearer cool, dry and comfortable in extreme heat.

      Content: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex

      Weight: 120 g/m2




      Unlike normal dark colored fabrics that absorb heat, Coldblack® fabric uses a unique finishing technology that reflects heat and reduces absorption of harmful UV rays.




      Soft, supple yet durable fabric combines micro-poly yarns a with high-gauge knitting process to quickly uptake and transport moisture keeping wearer cool, dry and comfortable.

      Content: 100% Polyester

      Weight: 140 g/m2



      Lightweight open-knit construction allows air to circulate freely around structure to accelerate the drying process and provide maximum ventilation.

      Content: 100% Polyester

      Weight: 110 g/m2



      Mesh construction maximizes air-flow to efficiently ventilate keeping wearer cool, dry and comfortable in warm weather conditions.

      Content: 100% Polyester

      Weight: 135 g/m2





      Soft, durable quick drying fabric constructed from dual polyester yarns create a “cotton” like appearance yet provides high performance functionality. 

      Content: 100% Polyester

      Weight: 145 g/m2




      Lightweight durable mesh provides great stretch, support and ventilation.  Open construction and hydrophobic polyester yarns accelerate moisture evaporation.

      Content” 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex

      Weight: 150 g/m2



      4-way stretch woven fabric allows for unrestrictive pedaling movement while still providing great durability and abrasion resistance.

      Content: 93% Polyester 7%Spandex

      Weight: 150 g/m2



      Lightweight, mini rip-stop construction provides warm weather comfort while still maintaining great durability and abrasion resistance.

      Content: 100% Polyester

      Weight: 95 g/m2